About Color Match Masonry

Color Match has been a local leader for masonry staining and color correction applications since 1994!

Our crews have many years of combined training in custom brick color blending, surface cleaning, preparation and restoration. Our propietary system penetrates the surface of brick and concrete to create a bond, so we can offer you a permanent brick tinting solution to help blend masonry repairs with custom brick coloc applications. And we provide a sustainable choice for new construction too! With no peeling or fading - guaranteed for 25 years!

Please review our portfolio, and see some of the ways we can help with your commercial, retail, healthcare, educational, institutional, industrial or residential projects today.

While contractors and architects struggle to find the appropriate masonry color match to additions, repairs, or aging bricks and mortar, it is often impossible. CMM applies a specialized masonry stain to provide the absolute match that every masonry project desires.

CMM specializes in:

  • Residential masonry staining on additions or repairs
  • Commercial sites
  • Historic buildings
  • Adding architectural designs to new or existing masonry
  • Matching areas that have been replaced due to water leakage or structure problems
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pressure washing and restoration cleaning

About the Owner and Operator

Rob Vanbreevoort is a pioneer of staining in the commercial masonry staining industry. Rob has done many small large and major projects throughout the USA and traveled abroad for some special painting projects.   Rob grew up in Montreal, Canada where he attended George Brown University, majoring in art and design.  If you looking for an company that is good at fixing masonry problems you have come to the right website.

Awards and Recognition

The Washington Post, November 5, 2003, By Lee Fleming "A Technique to Make Masonry Mix or Match" (A full page in the Washington Post, copies available upon request or available on-line at washingtonpost.com).

B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore Heritage - Won 2005 Preservation Project Award.

Consulted Whiting Turner on the brick lay out, color and design for the "behind home plate" section of Camden Yards, Baltimore MD.

Our Product and Warranty

Color Match Masonry provides a 25-year limited warranty on all staining projects.