Below you will find common answers to some of your questions.  If you do not find it here give us a call at (410) 768-1868.

Why choose Color Match Masonry, Inc.?

CMM applies a specialized masonry stain to provide the absolute match that every masonry project. CMM has built a strong reputation in the masonry staining market. We value the relationships we have with our clients and ensure that they are completely satisfied with our work. Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with outstanding service by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance.

How is the stain applied?

We have many different ways of applying our product depending on the type of application needed. Mainly the stain is applied by hand one brick at a time. We use a range of techniques and procedures for applying color treatments that include brushing, sponging, rags, and spraying.

Can we buy the product to apply it our self?

No, the reason being the vast amount of training that is needed to know how to apply the color.

Why not use paint?

Our products have been designed to penetrate into the masonry. The products bond to the pores permanently, the stain becomes as permanent as the masonry itself. When using paint on masonry they tend to sit on the surface changing the texture. After time paint will flake, peal, crack, etc... Our color solutions are designed to be absorbed and bonded to the masonry for a permeate solution that will not change the texture of the masonry and is guaranteed not to flake, peal, crack, etc...

How long does the product last?

Because of the life of our color product has exceeded all past research of our accelerated weathering test and experience, we are reluctant to associate our stain with any time frame. However, we offer a 25 year guarantee.

How much does it cost?

Each project has different factors to determine the price with regard to materials, accessibility to the area, labor, difficulty of the application and travel. If you would like an estimate be prepared to have the following information:
Where is the job located? What is requited? What is the square footage or how many bricks? What are the features and textures of the bricks? Can the project be reached with our 40 foot ladder? Will lifts or special equipment be needed? Will the area need to be washed down/cleaned? Sending photos showing the size and texture of the masonry will help us in estimating the size, nature and scope of the project. The more photos- the better!
You can also arrange for an on-site consultation by contacting us at or by calling us at (410) 768-1868.

Is the stain environmentally safe?

Yes. Our product is environmentally safe. Please contact us at for our M.S.D.S.

What surfaces can be stained?

If it absorbs water is will absorb the stain. CMM can stain block, mortar, precast, natural and manufactured stone.

What colors can I choose from?

We make our custom colors to meet our customer's specifications and unique needs. We can match any color!

How far do you travel for a job?

We will travel anywhere. We once stained an historic brick barn in Holland!

Will you travel for small projects?

We will generally try to keep costs down for our customers. If your job is small we will try to schedule yours along with other jobs in the same area.

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